General syllabus

Every subject offering postgraduate programmes must have a general syllabus describing their contents.
This is determined by the faculty board and according to the Section 7 of Chapter 8 of the Higher Education Ordinance it must contain:
  • the principal contents of the programme
  • the previous knowledge and other conditions required in addition to the basic requirements for enrolment to third-cycle studies (specific entry requirements);
  • other provisions that are required

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If you are interested in third-cycle studies in a certain subject, you should contact the department offering the programme and ask for the general syllabus for the subject.

Individual study plan

The contents of a third-cycle programme are different for each individual doctoral student - even when they are studying the same subject.

In accordance with the Higher Education ordinance, everyone admitted to a doctoral programme must draw up an individual study plan with his or her supervisor. This plan must include:

  • the institution's and doctoral student's commitments
  • a time schedule for the doctoral student's programme

The individual study plan must be regularly followed-up and revised, if necessary and as needed, by the doctoral student and supervisor.

The length of the programme can be extended only if there are special circumstances requiring an extension. Examples of these special circumstances are leave of absence because of illness, leave of absence for service in the defence forces or an elected position in a trade union or student organisation, or parental leave.

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Last updated: 2014-08-08
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