The funding requirement

In the admission process the faculty board is required to assess whether a doctoral student has sufficient funding for the entire programme.
There are two different types of funding for studies. Either the student is offered a PhD studentship or a study grant, or they have 'other funding', such as a stipend, a study loan from CSN, paid leave of absence from other employment or some other kind of guaranteed income for the entire programme.

Part-time study

Doctoral students with 'other funding' are often referred to as part-time doctoral students - and although this need not always be the case, it is common for these students to study part-time, that is to say at least fifty per cent.

Students with 'other funding' may only be admitted if the higher education institution considers their funding to be guaranteed for the entire programme and that the students in question can devote a sufficient amount of time to their studies to enable the completion of a Licentiate degree in four years or a PhD in eight. This can sometimes be difficult to determine in advance.

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Last updated: 2014-08-05
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