Admission to Licentiate studies

Since 2002 it is possible to admit applicants to third-cycle studies who intend to take only a Licentiate degree.
The idea is above all to provide more opportunities for people in employment to acquire further training. Many employers are currently sceptical about funding an employee for an entire PhD programme or do not find it practically feasible to do so. Interest in taking licentiate degrees has also increased markedly in the past decade.

In 2013, 260 students were enrolled in a third-cycle programme leading to a Licentiate degree. This is a decrease of 200 students in comparison to 2012. This decrease in students can partially be explained by the Government's decision in 2012 to invest in graduate schools for employed teachers, which increased the number of new doctoral students in Licentiate programmes for that year.

You can apply to continue

There is nothing to prevent someone admitted to studies for a Licentiate degree from applying to continue doctoral studies after taking the degree. If such an applicant is admitted, then the period of Licentiate studies will be deducted, and a studentship can be offered for the remaining period of study.
Last updated: 2014-08-05
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